Claire, you have been with Parlour for 4 years and now how have you grown to be Untra Stylista!
I was trained by Lily and Phil at Obsession in Birmingham’s Mailbox. I took a little time out of full-time hairdressing to study fashion. I then worked as a stylist in London for a big international fashion brand.
Over the past four years at Parlour Hair I have been promoted three times because of my all-round hairdressing skills and style knowledge… I’ve been told I’m a natural!

What are you known for in the hair world?
At Parlour, the whole team say my foil highlights are perfection! I meticulously create soft, subtle and sparkling blondes which grow out without a noticeable regrowth.
You could also say I’m a grey specialist… Giving the right colour for a perfect and lasting natural look.

I am a bit of a style aficionado and hipster, so love strong, classic looks too… Sharp, short bobs and heavy fringes.

I have many charming, cultural clients with similar interests to me, and I love meeting like-minded, interesting people.

So, tell us about you…
I wear black. I love mid-century modern design, upcycling and plants!
I ride my bike to work every day, rain or shine! I eat clean and am very-vegetarian.
I keep my hair shiny and am not ashamed to say I’m a modern hipster.
Hair is both my life and future and one day I’ll own Parlour Hair!