What you up to for Parlour then?
I cut hair very well and have a passion for classic short hair. Vidal Sassoon is my hair hero. You will also find me on reception and looking after the boring stuff like paying bills

Opening Parlour hair has been our dream since I moved back to Birmingham in 2004. Since opening we have never looked back, concentrating on great customer service and modern lifestyle pleasing hair. It needs to look good when you do it not just when you leave the salon.

What’s your fave view in Birmingham?
Edgbaston reservoir looking over the dam to the city. It’s amazing at sunrise and changes with the light all day. I also like the view out of the window at Parlour Hair; Birmingham Town Hall and Birmingham Library next to each other is pretty spectacular.

Where do you eat in Birmingham?
Sunday lunch at The Red Lion in the Jewellery Qtr. is a must. The Food is always spot on.
My fave Indian is Purinima in Bearwood. I go about twice a week, the service is spot on and the food is amazing.

What do you in spare time?
Occasional bursts down the canal on my Floval flyer BMX. My dogs get a walk at Clent hills and I annoy the neighbours playing Vinyl 12 inches loud at home. My fave clothing label is  ‘Folk’ great classic shirting with a quirk. So shopping is also pastime and I try and go for a run 3 times a week.

You were some sort of DJ in the 90s?
Ha ha. Ask yer parents! Yeah I was Wobble resident DJ and played all over the world. I still play at the Wobble reunions once a year.